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The Value of a Vertically Integrated Paper Company

Working with a vertically integrated paper company can add value to your business, from efficiency to flexibility. Ox became vertically integrated in 2007. Now, Ox Industries is the largest independently owned vertically integrated producer of 100% recycled paperboard, tubes and cores, specialty paper, and protective packaging in the United States.


What is Vertical Integration?

Vertical integration is a business approach where a company controls multiple stages of its supply chain, from the production and manufacturing of raw materials all the way to the delivery of finished products to its consumer base. As a vertically integrated paper company, we control the sourcing of waste paper materials, sorting and processing waste paper into pulp for various grades of paperboard, and producing finished converted paperboard tubes and cores and protective packaging. Working with a vertically integrated company for paperboard and paperboard-converted products provides peace of mind.


The value of working with a vertically integrated paper company:


  1. Continuous Improvement

We oversee the entire production process and value continuous improvement. We consistently monitor and review existing processes, systems, structures, and results to identify opportunities for improvement.

  1. Flexibility

We can adapt quickly to changes in the market and customer needs. Our flexible production system increases efficiency and improves our ability to respond to challenges.

  1. Environmental Responsibility

We are environmentally responsible. Ox is committed to sustainability and uses 100% recycled materials in its production process. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources and use safe and sustainable methods of operations.

  1. Time and Effort

By eliminating third-party manufacturers, we streamline the manufacturing process benefiting internal operations and our customers. As your single-source producer, we can enter at any step of the process; our customers can rest assured that we will find and address issues quickly and efficiently with minimal effort on their part.

  1. Independently Owned

As an independently owned company, Ox can make decisions quickly and efficiently without consulting or dealing with outside entities.

You can feel good knowing we serve our local communities. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and are committed to positively contributing to the communities where our employees, customers, and suppliers live and work. We support the local economy and hire locally whenever possible.


Why Ox?

Ox understands the recycled paperboard manufacturing process from start to finish and can provide value-added resources and education to ensure our customers the ideal product result. We are committed to sustainability and efficiency and want to help customers reduce their carbon footprint using recycled paperboard products.