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Why I Work Safe – Meet Krystle Conrad

Name: Krystle Conrad

Position: Customer Service Manager

How long have you been working at Ox? 5 years

Why is safety important to you? Safety is important to me because I want everyone on the Ox team to go home to their family each night.

What safety procedures do you practice inside and outside of work? I make sure I wear safety glasses and hearing protection when I walk through any of our production facilities.

Can you tell us how safety has impacted you or your family’s life outside of work? I have used Safety Techniques to lift boxes at home. I have also taught my kids to lift with their legs and not their back.

Who or what motivates you to work safely every day? My family and my team – for sure!

How do you spend your time outside of work? I spend time outside of work with my family – husband, four kids, and a dog.

What are your Hobbies? Any time spent with my family and also, horseback riding, hiking, and antique shopping.