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The Faces of Papermakers – Allan Rivers

Name: Allan Rivers

Position: Mill Superintendent

Brief description of your job requirements: I oversee every day mill operations. This includes every aspect from production, safety, personnel, to quality of product and fiber in and out of the mill.

Mill location: Carthage, New York

How long have you been working at the mill? Since 1978

How long have you been in the paper industry? 42 Years

Do you have any relatives in the paper industry? Yes

If so, how are they related? Both my brother and brother-in-law were previously in the Paper Industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy the overall commitment to the process of making paper. I am very proud of sending a quality product to our customers.

What do you like about working in the Paper Industry? We get to take something recycled and make something new and different out of it. I’m also driven by the challenge of what it takes to produce paper.


Mill Superintendent: The mill superintendent holds a critical role within the mill. They will have responsibility for several teams as well as individual team members, production, quality, safety, machine operation, and fiber. They will help guide the development and prioritization and implementation of a long-term operations strategy. Good leadership and communication skills are a must for a mill superintendent to have a successful paper-making team.

Did you know: The United States recycles 4.5 million tons of recovered fiber in uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) each year. The recycled paperboard industry is the primary purchaser of old corrugated containers (OCC). OCC is recovered from retail outlets and industrial sources and converted into 100% recycled paperboard and then into new packaging1.

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