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Simple Steps to Recycling Shipping Boxes

There is often a lot of confusion when it comes to recycling. What can and can’t be recycled? What makes a usually acceptable material unacceptable for recycling? How do I prepare items for recycling? Fortunately, when it comes to recycling paper shipping boxes or protective packaging, it’s a straightforward process. We are going to help you get started on your recycling journey with a few tips on recycling shipping boxes.

With the massive increase in online shopping, paper shipping boxes, and protective paper packaging are at no shortage in our everyday lives. For someone who wants to be a steward to the environment, this is good news. The vast majority of these paper boxes are recyclable, making it easy to get started on contributing to our world’s sustainability.

Paper can be recycled up to seven times. Every ton of paper that is recycled saves up to 17 trees from harvest and 3.5 cubic yards in a landfill. Recycling gives ongoing life to the tree fibers that went into making a paperboard sheet in the first place. When we recycle, we improve our environment, enhance our quality of life, and contribute to the making of recycled paper and other converted recycled paperboard products. Innovative paperboard products are used in manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to help us to cut down on the use of products made from non-renewable resources.

Here are a few simple steps to enter your shipping boxes back into the wastepaper stream for reuse:

  1. Break It Down. Breaking down boxes will help to make the most of the space at your home, in the bin, and at the recycling facility.
  2. Keep It Dry. Keep It Clean. Keep boxes dry and free from oil, grease, or dense food soil.
  3. Stack It or Pack It. If you have a curbside recycling service in your neighborhood, it’s easy. Just stack your recyclable boxes at the curb or in the provided bin, and off they go to start a new life. If you don’t have curbside service in your neighborhood, locate your nearest drop-off and pack the boxes in your vehicle to make the short trip to the recycle center.

It’s that easy! Start your recycling journey today!