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Pekin Paperboard Mill in Operation Since 1905

Our paperboard mill in Pekin, IL is vital to Ox Industries’ vertically integrated operations. The mill supplies paperboard to customers and the growing number of our company-owned paper tube & core and protective packaging converting facilities.

A few interesting facts about the Pekin Paperboard Mill:

  • It was established almost 120 years ago in 1905
  • Quaker Oats purchased the mill in 1916 and we are STILL producing paperboard for oatmeal canisters today
  • Through the years production has increased from 30 tons per day to over 135 tons per day

We’re proud of the positive impact made on the environment and community every day:

  • The mill recycles 1.4 million gallons of water per day with zero discharge
  • The mill collects, shreds, and grounds over 135 tons of wastepaper material into uncoated recycled paperboard each day
  • Pekin has two Community Recycling Bins. The proceeds from collections go to a local shelter for victims of abuse

The Pekin Mill has earned a reputation as a great place to work. The employees take pride in what they do and are excited to refer friends and family members to join the team. 

Keep up the good work, Pekin!