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Ox Supplies Tubes for Rocket Airframes

Congrats to the bluShift Aerospace team for a successful launch testing their new rocket motor in January.  The Stardust became the first commercial launch of a rocket powered by bio-derived fuel. This fuel costs less per kilogram than traditional rocket fuel and it’s completely non-toxic. Sascha Deri, who invented the bio-fuel said that it’s carbon-neutral fuel that is inherently better for our planet and more responsible.

bluShift Rocket Team

It’s been our pleasure to supply the tubes for building bluShift’s composite airframes. Luke Saindon, Senior Mechanical Engineer, P.E., stated, “Their (Ox Industries’) consistency and accuracy really helped the layup and build go smoothly, everyone was impressed.”


Check out the article on the BBC World News website about the progress and future goals of bluShift Aerospace -