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Ox Industries Announces Wastepaper Recycling Division

We are happy to announce Ox Wastepaper Recycling Center, a new division for the company. In alignment with our vertically integrated operations model, we have expanded our local community wastepaper collections. We will take in residents, and surrounding businesses’ wastepaper material at no charge at our recycling center located at the corner of West Elm and Garfield in Hanover, PA. This is a relocation from the original community drop-off to a more accessible area for individuals wishing to recycle.

From the center, we will bale and transport wastepaper to one of our three paper mills where it will be recycled then converted into products for customer use. We will accept most wastepaper products including, hard white, manifold white, manifold colored, double-lined craft, office paper, newspaper, magazine, news blank, phone books, junk mail, and corrugated cardboard. We will not accept plastic, gas, metal, electronics, or aluminum.

If your business has large amounts of waste paper on a weekly basis, please call 717-630-0230 to discuss pickup service options. For more information on Ox, Wastepaper Recycling visits our recycling page on our by clicking here.

About OX Industries:

Headquartered in Hanover, PA, OX Industries is the largest independently owned vertically integrated manufacturer of 100% recycled paperboard, tubes & cores, protective packaging products, and specialty paper in the United States. OX is a leader in the uncoated paperboard industry with a capacity to produce over 150,000 tons annually, saving over 450,000yd3 of waste paper from landfills.