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Ox Celebrates Earth Day 2021 on 25th Year in Business

We’re excited as we’ve embarked on our 25th year of Business. From the beginning, we have been conscientious about our impact on the environment and today we have a Corporate-Wide Sustainability Commitment. Our team at each facility remains mindful that our systems and operations tie back to assurance that we protect the Environment and promote Sustainability.

In 25 years we have:

  • Recycled over 4 million tons of paper
  • Saving 62 million trees
  • And 12 million cubic yards of landfill space

We will continue to develop methods to manufacture our product while also reducing our Carbon Footprint. We believe that doing this will yield better outcomes for our Customers, Communities, and future Generations.

Read about our sustainability commitment here:

Happy Earth Day from the entire Ox Team!!