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Our Flagship Operation – Hanover, PA

Founded in 1996, Hanover, PA is the flagship facility for Ox. The team here takes pride in knowing the hard work done in Hanover for years allowed the company to grow into what it is today. With a culture for innovation and a “get it done” mentality, our Hanover team is foundational to Ox Industries’ success.

Hanover produces tubes and cores, high-strength tubes and cores, and plain chip from 100% recycled paperboard sourced from Ox Industries’ paper mills. They serve multiple markets including tape and label, strapping, film, carpet, blasting, and more.


  • Tube & Core
  • High Strength Tube & Core
  • Plain Chip

Markets Served:

  • Tape & Label
  • Strapping
  • Carpet
  • Blasting/Pyrotechnics


If you would like to contact our Hanover team you can connect here.