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Halltown Paper Mill – Celebrating 150 Years

In July 1869, 10 years prior to the invention of the light bulb, the mill in Halltown, WV became a fully operational paperboard mill. Beginning as Eyster and Son and later becoming known as Halltown Paper Board Co, the mill produced 6-tons of product from recycled material per day. Halltown Paperboard Mill is the oldest continuously operating industry in West Virginia and has never had a mass layoff in 150 years.

From halls dimly lit with lanterns in 1869 to the 2018 conversion of coal energy to natural gas, the mill in Halltown has sustained the test of time. In the 150-year span, the mill has been challenged by the depression following the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War II, fires, two floods, robbery, the introduction of plastics, and massive shifts in society. As the world around it has exploded with technology, retail growth, and government expansion it sits, peacefully, next to the railroad tracks on the Flowing Springs Run stream nestled between Harpers Ferry and Charles Town, WV, steadfastly dedicated to making paper and taking care of people.

Halltown Paperboard Mill Today:

  • Recycles 1.8 million gallons of water per day
  • Recently converted from coal-powered to natural gas
  • Produces 120 tons of paperboard per day
  • Employs over 70 people


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