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For Tube and Core Production, Count on Ox

When it comes to tube and core production, Ox thinks differently than most manufacturers. We start at the beginning by creating the paperboard that forms the tubes and cores. The paper is produced at one of our three paperboard mills. The paper ships from our mills to one of our converting facilities, where we bind and wind paperboard to produce tubes and cores for our clients. When working with the entire lifecycle of a product, you gain a more in-depth knowledge of end-products. From our paperboard mills to our converting facilities, teams communicate to assure optimal quality from start to finish.

We understand the science behind the paper. This understanding has cultivated reliable processes and exceptional outcomes for our clients. We quickly address any challenges and efficiently find solutions. With our direct connection to every channel from raw material to finished product, there are no barriers to entry when solving problems.

Count on Ox

No matter where you link with Ox in the lifecycle of your product, you can rest assured that you have a team of seasoned professionals backing you. Our knowledge extends beyond conversion to paper creation, which gives us a holistic perspective that is unique in the industry.


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