OX Strong Standards

Mission: OX Industries strives to deliver quality, innovative products, while providing the highest value to our customers, all with a strong focus on environmental stewardship and employee safety.

Innovation: Utilizing our assets in the safest and most efficient manner drives profitability.  Continuous improvement to processes and the development of new products ensures we do not stay idle and risk losing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Maintaining the spirit of innovation and improvement means driving solutions that positively impact employee safety and customer relationships.

Quality: Ox constantly works to improve the customer experience by responding and reacting to customer requests, needs and feedback.  Our focus is on providing products that perform as promised when purchased from Ox.  We will continually and rigorously scrutinize quality in all measures:  raw materials, manufacturing process and supply chain so that every product is released to the marketplace with the highest possible standards.

Integrity: Quite simply, do the right thing, all of the time.  We build long term relationships and foster respect by listening to both customers and employees, maintaining a constant attention to detail and value.  From service to products, timeliness and precision, you can count on Ox.

Sustainability: All Ox products and practices keep our longstanding tradition of a strong focus on environmental responsibility front and center.  Our commitment to the environment includes an emphasis on sustainable business practices.

Independence: Maintaining acceptable returns on investment is the key to remaining financially flexible to take calculated risk.  Reinvestment in our operations means growth, ensuring employee safety, environmental stewardship and overall value to our customers.