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Production Labor (Utility)

Location: Carthage, NY

Category: Production

Type: Hourly

Salary Range: $22.49 To 22.49 Hourly

Job Type: Full-time

Summary: Responsible for all entry level responsibilities in each department



The Process Engineer provides technical support and training to drive continuous improvement in the performance of all aspects of the paper mill operation including safety, quality assurance and customer service, productivity, environmental stewardship, operating efficiencies, and cost containment.



  • Be qualified in Material Handler – Shipping position; be able to execute successfully in the role
  • Be qualified in  Material Handler – Receiving position; be able to execute successfully in the role
  • Be qualified in Filler Pulper Operator position; be able to execute successfully in the role
  • Be qualified in 4th Hand position and be able to execute successfully in the role
  • Maintain a clean work environment at all times
  • Clean break rooms and restrooms
  • Shovel snow & apply salt/sand as needed
  • May be required to work a 24-hour operation, currently in a 4-crew rotation
  • All other duties as requested by the supervisor


  • Routinely lift 50#
  • Routinely handle 55 gallon drums (500 lbs)
  • Frequent ladder, stair, and confined space usage
  • Must be capable of being qualified as a mobile equipment operator (minimum  of spotter tractor, clamp truck, fork truck)
  • Must be able & willing to work stationary and/or rotating shifts as the need arises
  • Must wear minimum PPE of steel toed shoes, ear plugs, safety glasses
  • Must be capable of being medically fit-tested for a respirator


  • -20F to 120F frequent exposure
  • Up to 100% RH
  • Noise levels in excess of 80dB


  • Must pass and maintain mobile equipment certifications for:
    1. Clamp truck
    2. Fork truck
    3. Spotter tractor
    4. All other mobile equipment required to perform tasks


All Ox employees are expected to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in the best interests of Ox, its employees, and owners. Each employee has a primary duty to act at all times to uphold these standards and to act with honesty, integrity, and fairness and without actual or apparent conflict of interest.


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